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Burger Run Burger Run

Burger Run is a fun flash game where you choose the toppings each customer wants to coordinate on the bottom patty. Once you complete the burger it slides out and you move on to the next customer. Don't get their order wrong, or you lose points and make them angry!

Holly Hobbie Holly Hobbie

Holly Hobbie a game based off the beloved character from the 80s with an upgrade. Help Holly and her friends sells as much lemonade as possible throughout 3 levels. Try to beat your high score!

Ice Cream Run Ice Cream Run

Ice Cream Run is similar to the other "run" games, but with ice cream! Make your customers their desired ice cream to make them happy. If you get it wrong you have to start over. Get the highest score in the time frame to win and continue on.

Internet World Walk About Internet World Walk About

Internet World Walk About is a complex strategy game. You must make sure all delegates are directed to their desired location, such as Analytics and Reporting or Email Marketing. Look for icons to know where they are supposed to go. Finish quickly to get the most points.

Kebab Game Kebab Game

Kebab Van is a fun food and shopping game. You must order stock and set mixes to please customers. Keep customers happy all night and gain the most points for your hard work.

Monster Shop Monster Shop

Monster Shop is a fast paced game where you must service customers to their needs. Give them what they want, combine orders, and deposit the money. Act fast before your time runs out and customers leave unhappy!

Paint Makers Paint Makers

Paint Makers is a great game for children to learn their colors! Aim the paint gun at the correct color on the label to shoot it into the desired paint can. Make sure the colors match or you lose money and time!

Personal Shopper Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper is a seek and find game. You go on shopping missions and must find the items in the shop before it closes! Don't choose the wrong item though, or you lose precious time! Get them all correct to make your customer happy and advance to the next puzzle.

Pizza Pronto Pizza Pronto

Pizza Pronto sets money goals each day and you must satisfy those goals. Create the pizza with provided ingredients, bake it, and hand it to the customer! Make the customer happy or you lose money and time.

Shopping City Shopping City

Shopping City is an addictive builder type game, where you build a resort island up from the bottom. You earn more money from shops that you build, which can also be upgraded. Continue to build your resort town until you can't anymore!

Teddy Run Teddy Run

Teddy Run requires you to pay close attention to your assembly line so that you create the coolest teddies out there. Every time you do one incorrectly you must start over! See how many orders you can fulfill in the time frame.

Shopping Street shopping Street

Shopping Street is a fun game where you start your own retail businesses in various cities like Chicago or LA. Earn money from your shops and upgrade them to get the most money during your game and advance through levels.

Coffee Tycoon Coffee Tycoon

Coffee Tycoon is a complex strategy game where you manage employees and customers to make your company the most profit! Balance your day so that you make your company the most in the time frame given.

Bartender Bartender

Bartender is a game targeted towards adults, where you mix cocktails and serve customers. Mix them correctly to make everyone happy, or mess up and make everyone leave the party!

Cafe Waitress Cafe Waitress

Cafe Waitress requires you to serve customers what they want and get a maximum score. You use your mouse to do most of the work of cleaning tables, ordering, and delivering food. This addictive yet simple game will get you hooked!

Fashion Run Fashion Run

Fashion Run is a drag and drop type game where you satisfy each shoppers need for a specific clothing item. Drag your customer around the store while she inspects different items and wait for her to make a purchase! Earn your goal in money and advance to the next day.

Frenzy Kitchen Frenzy Kitchen

Frenzy Kitchen is a great Disney themed kids game where you help Goofy manage the House of Mouse's kitchen! Prepare the meals and serve the right customers to get the most points. This game is a combination of memory and skill.

Monster Snack Monster Snack

Monster Snack is a fun food game for kids and adults! The monsters are hungry and you must feed them food. Take the food to the right monster to get tips and make the monster happy. If you don't, he may eat you!